TONY GRIMES:  Received his master's degree in Chinese Medicine from Daoist Traditions College in Asheville, NC.  Since graduating, his clinical skills have been influenced by his studies with Andrew Nugent-Head.  Tony brings his enthusiasm for Chinese Medicine into the clinical setting by providing thorough, hands-on acupuncture and bodywork treatments.  Tony enjoys studying Chinese herbs and writing customized herbal formulas. 

ANNIE MASAOKA:     After experiencing first-hand the results of Tibetan medicine while traveling in India, Annie studied Tibetan Hand Healing and Shiatsu. She graduated from the four year program at Jung Tao School of Chinese Medicine (Boone, NC) in 2013 and Completed the two-year Chinese Medicine Herbal Program at Daoist Traditions (Asheville, NC) in 2016. She has been studying with Andrew and JulieAnn Nugent-Head continuously since 2013, finding their experiences in China to be unparalleled.  In July 2016 she completed the 300 hour Clinical Immersion Program taught by Andrew Nugent-Head.  See the link below to find out more about Andrew and JulieAnn.

Annie models her treatments based on what she has learned from Andrew Nugent-Head, utilizing needling techniques and bodywork to achieve tangible results using a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and bodywork. Annie has worked at The People's Acupuncture of Asheville (a community style acupuncture clinc), The Alternative Cinic and now has a clinic with Tony Grimes.